About Us, the BluuBeam story.

Why we did it.

We built BluuBeam to give public libraries a better way to interact with their patrons.  When we first got the idea to use iBeacon / BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to build a system that would let libraries notify their patrons about things relevant to them based on their location within the actual library, we sat with several library systems and painted a very general picture of what we had in mind.  Their general feedback was that the idea was very cool and sounded really useful but it was hard to judge its potential without seeing it.

A Beam is Born!

We built a basic prototype, and honestly it worked, but just barely. It was the minimum (and that's no understatement) to convey the concept.  We went back to those libraries and showed them what we came up with.  After brainstorming and talking about possible things BLE could and could not do we had a clear vision of what BluuBeam needed to be.  For it to really add value, it had to work, be beautiful, easy to use & understand & we had to make it affordable.

With these goals outlined we went to work on building the first iBeacon platform designed  specifically for public libraries.  We spent the first 6 months refining our mobile and desktop apps with the help of our first few (and very patient) customers.

With your help, we're always making it better!

We continue to improve BluuBeam through feedback provided by our now large group of library customers.  BluuBeam and its improvements are driven by customer feedback, we listen.

Through conversations with customers we discovered the natural collaboration between libraries and other cultural institutions like museums, zoos and schools.  BluuBeam evolved again into a platform not just for libraries but for all cultural institutions.

We're in it together, for the long haul.

We know that the importance of cultural institutions cannot be overstated, they enrich, educate and lift our communities, making us better human beings. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to be a major component in the way that our customers engage and interact with their customers.  As technology drives us forward we’ll continue to evolve and improve BluuBeam, while always embracing the core services that cultural institutions provide to our communities.


Recently one of our customers asked us why we only wanted to work with cultural institutions.  When we first started BluuBeam, we figured we should keep the system closed because we didn't think people would want to get messages everywhere they went.  We thought if we limited to cultural institutions, they'd be ok if they got messages from another library, museum, school or zoo, even if they didn't download BluuBeam for that particular venue.  When we were asked the question, and gave that response, they thought that times have changed and it would be an added value to open BluuBeam.  After building our brand and serving only cultural it was a hard decision to open BluuBeam up to other markets so in true BluuBeam fashion, we polled our customers.  Over 90% of our customers thought it would be a great idea so we did it.  Now BluuBeam works in more places than ever before.