BluuBeam Admin Console

We really did make iBeacons this easy!


From our Home page you can choose what you want to do.  You can edit messages (we call them Beams), Templates**, Locations or Users (we call them Beamers).


BluuBeam Admin Console lets you program your Beacons

Beams will show you a list of Beams that we programed to your account. You can choose one to work with and you can see things like when it was last updated, if it has any changes scheduled*, where you placed it and what it's saying.  


BluuBeams list view lets you see what iBeacons are saying

Editing Beams are easy & fun.  You can choose to create your own message or use an existing URL.  You can do all kinds of fun things like insert video, images, links.  Once you finish creating your message you can update it right away, Schedule it for later* or Save it as a Template**.


BluuBeam's iBeacon management console lets you save and share templates

It's really just that easy.  Let us know if you'd like a demo by using our contact us form.



*Your license must include Scheduling for this to work

**Your license must include Templates for this to work