BluuBeam FAQs

Q-   What is BluuBeam?

A-   BluuBeam is a combination of software and hardware that takes all of the complications out of using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.   BLE is sometimes called iBeacon technology.  In a nutshell a BLE beacon is a Bluetooth transmitter that broadcasts it's location.  Any mobile device running the BluuBeam app can detect a BluuBeam beacon (we call them Beams) when they come within range.  Once the mobile device detects a Beam it will display whatever message you've created in the BluuBeam Admin Console.  


Q-   What can BluuBeam do?

A-   BluuBeam will push messages you've created to mobile devices when they are within range of a Beam.  You can let people know about things that would probably interest them because of where they are standing, prompt them to check out other sections and create call to actions.  Also from the BluuBeam Admin Console you can see statistics regarding how many messages have been pushed, which Beam is most active and which location is most active. 


Q-   What kind of information can I put in the message?

A-   You can enter text, embed images and videos, create links and calendar events or display a current web page.


Q-   How do I set up my BluuBeams?

A-   Set up is easy, when we ship your BluuBeams, we'll notify you that they're on the way.  They'll already be connected  to your BluuBeam account so you can log into your BluuBeam Admin Console and start creating the message you want them to broadcast.  As soon as you get them, the'll be ready to go.  Just place them were you want them and your ready.


Q-   Can I change the information I put on them?

A-   Absolutely! You can update the information as often as you like.  The changes will reflect immediately.  You can also upgrade your BluuBeam Admin Console to include Scheduling.  Scheduling lets you pre-load messages and when they'll change.  There's no limit to how many messages you can pre-load on any Beam.


Q-   My Library is 15,000 square ft.  How many Beams do I need?

A-   It really depends on how much information you want to push.  The physical space is less important. 

However a good guideline if you wanted complete coverage (always a Beam within range) is having a Beam for every 1,000 square ft.  So for a 15,000 square ft. building, we'd recommend 15.

Obviously you could have more than that but this would at least ensure that a Beam is always within range if equally spaced.  The other consideration on smaller buildings is having enough Beams to ensure a good user experience for the patrons.  That’s why we have a minimum order of 5 Beams.  We'd be happy to help you determine what the right amount for your library is.  If you'd like some help or a quote drop us a line at 


Q-   What if I want to add more Beams later?

A-   No problem, you can add up to 10,000 Beams and we’ll link them to your account before shipping them to you.  If you want to have just one billing date we can pro-rate either up or down.  If your interested email


Q-   Do you offer any warranty on BluuBeam hardware?

A-   You bet, if for some crazy reason they are defective, just sent it back and we’ll replace it.  We'll even pay the shipping.    


Q-   Do BluuBeams require maintenance?

A-   They'll need new batteries about every 12 months.  As you come up for renewal we'll send you new batteries. If you need more,  just let us know and we'll send you some.  


Q-   Does Apple own the iBeacon technology?

A-   iBeacon is an Apple trademark, the technology it uses is an open standard known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  iBeacon has certain protocols and specifications by Apple but there are many BLE beacons that aren't necessarily iBeacons.


Q-   Is iBeacon the same as NFC?

A-   The two technologies are often compared however there are some major differences that make the iBeacon superior for this kind of use. NFC only works at very short distances (about 10 centimeters) and NFC requires special hardware in the phone to work. Our Beams have a range of approximately 25 feet.  Since they broadcast in every direction they roughly cover an area of a 40 foot radius. The other major difference is that iBeacons  use Bluetooth – a technology that comes in almost every smartphone & tablet produced today.  


Q-   Why did you have a minimum order quantity of 5 and now you can order 1,3 or 5?

A-  When we first started we didn't have that much coverage so if you had less than 5 beams in an area, the user experience for your customers or patrons would be diminished. Now as we've grown, BluuBeam is in more and more places so there's added incentive to have the app.  We still recommend a minimum of 5 if you don't have any other businesses in the area using BluuBeam. Usually our customers who started out with a 5 pack are testing it out and end up adding more Beams later.  


Q-   How do I create an account?

A-   When you place your first order, we'll create an account for you and you'll get an invitation to create your login credentials within 24 hours (usually much faster).  If you already have an account, then we'll just load the new beams onto your existing account.  Please make sure you use the same email address when checking out or we'll think it's a new account.  If you want to add a user to your existing account, you can invite them from the BluuBeam Admin Console.  


Q - What do I do as iBeacons evolve?  Can I get newer models?

A - Since what you're actually buying is a software license and we are lending you the hardware (iBeacons), you'll never have to worry about being stuck with old technology.  As we upgrade to newer iBeacons and as long as you're a BluuBeam customer we'll upgrade your beacons at no cost to you.  This give us the ability to add features and make improvements as iBeacon technology gets better and better. 


Q-   What about privacy?  

A-   Privacy isn't an issue because we don't collect any personal information and your patrons would need to "opt in" by downloading the BluuBeam App.


Q-   What if your not looking at your phone?

A-   BluuBeam will trigger a background notification when it detects a new Beam.  This notification resets every 24 hours so you don't keep getting the same notifications.


Q-   What if I want to cancel?

A-   We don't charge for the BluuBeam hardware (iBeacon), we are charging an access fee to use our software. If you don't want to keep BluuBeam, just send the hardware back before your service expires and we'll deactivate your account.  


Q-   What does BluuBeam Cost after the first year?

A-   The cost is an annual subscription sow it will be the same every year unless you add or remove Beams from your system.  Something really great about this model is that you'll always have the latest and greatest hardware.  As beacons get better, we'll upgrade them and switch yours out when you renew.


Q-   What's a Beamer

A-   It's not a car, sorry just couldn't resist.  A Beamer is what we call someone who creates BluuBeam messages for their organization.