BluuBeam for Libraries

Information that matters to you patrons...when it matters to your patrons.

When your patron comes with range of one of our Beacons.  It will trigger the app to display a message that you've programed into the BluuBeam Admin Console.  You know that message is important and relative to them right now because of were they are standing.





Imagine that a patron is standing by the "Computer for Dummies" you could let them know about an upcoming Basic Computer Skills class.  You know they'd be interested because they are looking at computer self help books.

They'd get notified right on their phone were they can sign up, add it to their calander or save the information.  



BluuBeam makes it easy to share what you've found using iBeacons.



Maybe they were looking for a book for a friend and they aren't interested in the workshop.

We've got you covered.  BluuBeam messages can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Text & Email.  This is a great of getting your patrons to let their friends, who don't have a library card, know about the great things you offer.