Super Beamer

$ 1,450.00 $ 1,600.00

BluuBeam Super Beamer plan gives you everything you need to make the most of our Beacon platform
BluuBeam Super Beamer plan gives you everything you need to make the most of our Beacon platform BluuBeam login page makes it easy to manage your Beacons and users BluuBeam iBeaconScheduler change list BluuBeam iBeacon Scheduler, scheduled changes BluuBeam Templates makes it easy to find the iBeacon templates your looking for Assign a template to multiple iBeacons at the same time BluuBeam bookmarks let your patrons know why they should download the app and also how to share BluuBeam stickers let patrons know when they are in an iBeacon area

$ 1,450.00 $ 1,600.00

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What do I get with a Super Beamer license?

Everything you get with Basic + Scheduling + Templates.

Save $200 when you bundle Scheduling and Templates.

Here's how it breaks down.


  • License for 5 Beams with unlimited users for the BluuBeam Admin Console.
  • 5 BluuBeam Beacons, this is the hardware we lend you while you have a license.
  • 10 BluuBeam stickers to notify people when they're near a BluuBeam.
  • 250 bookmarks to let patrons know about BluuBeam and how to get the app.
  • Downloadable Digital Artwork for posters, bookmarks & digital signs to help spread the word that now you're Beaming.
  • You'll also get Scheduling feature in your BluuBeam Admin Console. Scheduling lets you pre-load messages and when they'll change.  There's no limit to how many messages you can have queued to change.  In the Beam View you'll even see which Beams have scheduled changes. Scheduling is a really powerful feature for people who plan well in advance and don't always have the time to change a message as soon as an event you've been advertising ends.
  • You'll also get the Templates feature in your BluuBeam Admin Console. Templates lets you save Beam messages you want to re-use and also share them with other people in your library.  It's a great way to collaborate since you can copy and edit anyones templates.  It's also really great for re-using messages, sometimes you want to go back to a previous message or have a placeholder while your cooking up your awesome Beam.

     At BluuBeam we're all about making it easy, that's why we offer BluuBeam Starter Packs!

    BluuBeam Starter Plan make it easy to get started right now.  You'll get a license for 5 Beams and unlimited users.  With your license we'll supply you with our top of the line beacons already pre-programmed and ready to work with your BluuBeam account.  Starter plans are great for testing and proof of concept.  Most of our customers will end up wanting more and that's OK.  We can add more whenever you want.  You don't need to wait until your 12 months are up. See our FAQ's for best usage.

    Once you place your order, we'll create your BluuBeam account and send you an invitation to log into the BluuBeam Admin Console so you can start editing messages right away.  You can even invite new users to join in the fun.  Once you get your beacons,  just place them wherever you want them and that's it.  

    Yep, we really made it that easy.  

    What you're buying is a license to use BluuBeam & we'll provide you with the needed hardware & marketing materials.  This is great because you'll never be stuck with old hardware. As Beacons improve  and we upgrade beacons we'll switch out the your ones you're using at no charge to you.

    Not sure how many you need?

    No problem, we can help you figure it out.  Just send an email to and we'll help you figure out what's perfect.

    What do the messages look like?

    You can do all kinds of things with the messages like embed videos and pictures, create links, edit text fonts and colors.  You'll have fun, trust us, it's awesome!



    **You can always add more Beams to your system whenever you want.  For more info email us at

    ***By  purchasing BluuBeam you agree to our terms and conditions